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Specialized in the cork industry

Our name has been a symbol of quality and efficiency for many years.

We know the ins and outs of dealing with a natural product, with its virtues and drawbacks. We take this into account from the design of the machinery to its final setting. Cork has a way of behaving, it must be respected and molded to it.

We pay the utmost attention to each and every one of the processes and carry out an exhaustive production control to maintain the highest levels of quality and finishes.

Our productive means

“Heavy” machinery


Machining center CNC KONDIA B-1050 with 4º axis

  • Control HEIDENHAIN 410.
  • Route: X1000 Y500 Z610.
  • Automatic 20 tool change.


  • Diámetro máximo 370mm.
  • Maximum length between points 1000mm.

Milling machine CNC LAGUN L1600 with 4º axies

  • Control HEIDENHAIN 520.
  • Route: X1620 Y700 Z640.

Milling machine CNC LAGUN GMB 14 with 4º axies

  • Control HEIDENHAIN 426.
  • Route: X1400 Y800 Z730.

Milling machine CNC LAGUN FBF 1600 with 4º axies

  • Control HEIDENHAIN 355.
  • Route: X1400 Y800 Z730.

2 Turnstile PINACHO S-90/225 with dimension display  FAGOR

  • Maximum machinable diameter 450mm.
  • Length between points 1000mm.

Turnstile PINACHO S-90/310 with dimension display FAGOR

  • Maximum machinable diameter 650mm.
  • Length between points 2000mm.

In addition to our “heavy” machinery we have many more means of development and production such as a FORADIA flag drill with coordinate table and divider, 3 T.I.G. and plasma cutting.

Our company also has a boilermaking department, another for assembly, maintenance, repair and adjustment of machines and parts. In addition to a fully equipped technical office for the design of parts and machines, realization and simulation of prototypes.